Frequently Asked Questions

I currently have a log book - can I use Ezylog as well?


If you have started your manual paper based log book, you can simply convert all future drives to EzyLog and save the paperwork hassle.  To determine the total hours you have driven, simply add up all your paper entries and combine this with your Ezylog hours - remember, Ezylog provides you a running total at all times.  

What if I lose my phone?

No problems.

If you lose your paper based log book - you have to start your driving hours from the beginning.  

EzyLog maintains a secure backup of your recorded driving activity so if you lose your phone - your driving hours and all your data is safe and sound.  Grab your new phone, log back into your account and you are good to go!

I drive different cars .... how does that work?


We understand that you may practice driving in different cars so EzyLog has been specifically developed to capture multiple cars and store their details safely for you.  No more repeat writing the same information over and over and over.

At the commencement of any drive, just select the car you are in and EzyLog does the rest.  

How many supervisors can I register?

We understand you may practice driving with mum, dad, maybe an older brother or sister or a Licenced Instructor. 

All your supervisors can be set up separately and even added later when required.

Enter a few key details for your instructor and you're done.

What states does the APP work in? 

EzyLog has been developed to work in ALL states of America.

If your State DMV has particular requirements (eg. the number of learner hours required), EzyLog adjusts as necessary for the requirements of the State.

What happens if I move States?

No need to panic.

As Ezylog adjusts to each State's requirements, if you happen to move States during your learner period - simple ... update your User Profile and Ezylog does the rest.

The requirements of your new State are automatically updated.

Do I need GPS / Internet Access?

As a simple timer recorder, EzyLog will work without internet access on your phone.

To optimise the experience and all functionality of EzyLog, internet access on your phone is preferred - this will allow EzyLog to GPS track your route driving and calculate your average speed and distance across that route.

It sounds too good to be true .... Is it really that simple?

It really is that easy ... but why?

EzyLog was in development for nearly 18 months (which is a VERY long time for an APP) to ensure that all your requirements are addressed and usage is simple and easy.

If you want an automated log book which will GPS track your distance, map this for you, provide average speeds, start time and completion times, whilst identifying weather conditions and a host of other features ... 

EzyLog is for you.